Zentrale Gerätewirtschaft


The Central Device Management Unit (ZGW, Zentrale Gerätewirtschaft) is the central unit for take-over, storage, turnover, and delivery of old instruments and devices.

Old instruments and devices include all used devices (for example, workstations, notebooks, and other data carriers), tools, furniture, and other objects of the inventoried fixed assets (> 150.00 Euros) of KIT that are not waste. Smartphones are not considered old devices.

The Gerätebörse (second-hand market platform) represents a KIT-internal electronic market place, on which devices formerly used for research are offered to second users.

Presently, the following devices are available for sale: Market for Technical Equipment

The person responsible for the market platform and for acceptance of the instruments for sale is:

Jürgen Meinzer
Phone: +49(0)721-608 25355
Fax: +49(0)721-608 28458

Regulations on the further use of old devices, old materials, and old vehicles at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Old Devices Regulation 2015

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